Marktstand der Familie Rudi Schmitz


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We are Trude, Rudi Schmitz and the successor Roland Schmitz.

We have been going to Imgenbroich since 1985 and have been looking forward to selling fresh fruit and vegetables from us and the surrounding farmers almost every day. We can always offer our products fresh from the farmers and above all you can be sure that regional and sustainable products are available from us. There are always seasonal vegetables and fruits! In May, of course, asparagus with strawberries is very popular and when our new potato, Annabelle variety, is on the plate in 4-5 weeks, it just couldn't be better. But even after the asparagus season, other products are added again. For example the whole range of berries from our farmer right next door, local cherries or, a little later, delicious plums. When it comes to late summer, the new apple harvest will slowly begin. Everything your heart desires is available from the fruit farm. We highly recommend the Elstar or the new Wellant apple that has only been on the market for 4 years. Crunchy, juicy and sweet. Then we also harvested our winter potatoes, whether they were very firm, predominantly firm or floury, you can store them very well in the dark and dry for the winter months. From March to December we always have seasonal items with us, products come and go, that's exactly how it should be. You look forward to next year, when the asparagus season starts again!




Marktstand der Familie Rudi Schmitz
Hans-Georg-Weiss-Straße 2
52156 Monschau-Imgenbroich
Phone: (0049) 2455873
Fax: (0049) 2455854

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