Hofladen Henn

Hofladen Henn


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The small self-service farm shop offers a small but fine selection of regional specialties - 24 hours a day. Fresh pasture milk can be tapped fresh at the farm's milk filling station, either in a container you have brought with you or in a reusable milk bottle that you can buy.

Other dairy products such as quark, yoghurt and cream cheese, farm eggs, potatoes and onions from a local farmer and honey from a local beekeeper round off the delicious regional offer.

Animals live in a species-appropriate environment on the Henn family's farm: the cattle have at least six hours of exercise every day on one of the adjacent, fresh green pastures. And the free-range chickens also have plenty of space in the barn and outside for a happy life. The feed for the animals comes from the local farm - with a high proportion of grass, GMO-free. This also guarantees the high quality of meat, milk and eggs. The cattle are slaughtered themselves and cut up and sold by a certified butcher in the vicinity.

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Agrarservice Henn
Hechelscheiderstr. 14
52152 Simmerath-Steckenborn

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