Kletterwald Vulkanpark

Kletterwald Vulkanpark


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Welcome to the Kletterwald Vulkanpark!
The outdoor climbing forest is an uncommon attraction for families, companies, for groups or single persons.

The climbing forest Vulkanpark between Mayen and Mayen-Kürrenberg on the B 258 with close connection to the A 48 and A 61 is located in the middle of a forest ist the eastern Eifel.

The dream like beautiful old stock of beeches has many different parcours with 90 elements off ropes and barries in up to 18 m high. In the 2015 renewed facility old and new installations were combined which created a new generation climbing forest with proven quality.

Whether with the family, friends, schools, clubs or colleagues - a day at our climbing forest grands a real experience.

Climbing forest Mayen-Kürrenberg
The middle point of the facility is the beautiful wooden building with a big terrace.
Here is the cashiers desk, the climbing kitchen, the equipment counter, the workshop and the toilets located.




Freiraum Erlebnis GmbH
Simmerner Straße 85
56075 Koblenz
Phone: (0049) 02622 9869260

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