Infopunkt römische Villenanlage, Duppach-Weiermühle

Infopunkt römische Villenanlage, Duppach-Weiermühle


Very close to the important Roman road from Trier to Cologne, rich landowners built an impressive estate that included residential buildings, stables and an iron smelter.

A burial ground with two grave pillars measuring more than 20 m is astonishing. In terms of quality, they were comparable to the Igel column, which is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Two huge griffins made of sandstone were attached to one of the grave monuments. Take a look at the remains on site! You will also find a replica of a Roman granary with information on Roman history, the history of excavations and the work of archaeologists.

A seating circle made of Roman stones invites you to rest and linger.

In ancient times, the estate was easily visible from the Roman highway and easily accessible by a private road, which was decidedly disadvantageous in times of massive terror by bands of Germanic tribes. The villa was obviously looted and abandoned. In late Roman times, simple people inhabited one of the farm buildings.

A station on the Roman roads

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Archäologische Förderverein Duppach e.V.
Weiermühle 3
54597 Duppach
Phone: +49 6558 8545

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