Hilgerather Kirche


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Hilgerather church

The parish church Hilgerath, standing alone high on the mountain to the district Neichen, has always been a parish church. The tower dates back to the middle of the 15th century, the main nave exists since 1804 in its present form. In 1950 the church was extended by two aisles. In recent times, the return of the Hilgerath picture of grace (mid-15th century) "Lamentation of Christ" was recorded for the history books. It was stolen in 1975 from a burglary from the parish church and has since disappeared. In 1994 Pastor Bernhard Euteneuer (pastor in Beinhausen 1992 - 2000) was able to bring back to Hilgerath the valuable picture of grace which had appeared in Biberach / Riss. Out of gratitude, the Catholics of Struth have been celebrating an annual pilgrimage to Hilgerath every year, on the Sunday after the cross exaltation.




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