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The Romans were already familiar with the health-promoting properties of the “Heilstein” spring and the invigorating effect of the iron-rich water. The “Heilstein” spring belongs to the rare group of "alkaline acid", to which the “Fachinger” spring also belongs.

With a particularly low salt content and a relatively high magnesium content, the water of the “Heilstein” spring stands out from other waters of the "alkaline sourlings".

The healing stone spring is located in the forest in a well house, where the valuable spring water is pumped from a depth of 52 meters and fed to the “Heilstein” well. The well, which was only built in 2003, makes the water accessible to everyone.
Need a taste? The fountain is freely accessible in the inner courtyard of the Heilsteinhaus. The entrance is at the back of the building.

Try the clear “Heilstein” water!


Franz-Becker-Str. 2
52152 Simmerath-Einruhr
Phone: (0049) 2473 937717

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