"Galgen" Ulmen

"Galgen" Ulmen


On the hike through the Mai- and Brandenbusch at about kilometre 4 you will find experience point no. 5 - another scene of gruesome violent crimes - the gallows.

Once you have climbed the hill to the plateau of the Jakobsberg, you will find yourself at almost 550 NN. The open view over the region was used even then to announce the gallows of justice from a distance, clearly visible to all. Unfortunately, it did not stop one or two offenders, so that they were ultimately allowed to take their last look into the distance there. It was to be the last look.

On your hike "Witches, Hangmen & Scoundrels", the experience point 5 is the "gallows", now you walk downhill towards the 3rd shame spot.

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