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Café Friederichs


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Welcome to our family-run café and bakery on Schleiden's market square. Our bakery will spoil you with delicious Eifel specialities, made from Eifel flour from controlled cultivation.

Specialities made from Eifel flour from controlled cultivation: Eifeler Landbrot, Eifelsteigbrot, "wisse Taat" (semolina flour cake) and "schwatze Taat" (plum and pear mouse cake). Our confectionery shop conjures up for you the famous Schleidener Schloßpralinen (castle chocolates) and the Schloßtorte (castle cake), a chocolate cake with brandy fruits and cranberry compote. Enjoy our baked goods at home or in our café. For your celebrations, such as birthdays, baptisms and communions, we are happy to lay a coffee table or prepare a delicious brunch. Groups can enjoy the rich breakfast buffet by appointment.

Warm cuisine: Warm café snacks throughout

Awards: "Eifelähre", flour from controlled cultivation from the Eifel region.

Specialities: Eifel baking specialities, e.g. Eifeler Landbrot, Eifelsteigbrot, semolina cake, Eifel delicacies such as Schloßpralinen, Schloßtorte.

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  • Inside: 85
  • Outside: 64




K. Friederichs GmbH & Co KG
Am Markt 24
53937 Schleiden
Phone: (0049) 2445 3262
Fax: (0049) 2445 5673

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