Bauerncafé zur Zehntscheune

Bauerncafé zur Zehntscheune


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Enjoy the cozy atmosphere in rural surroundings, the fresh air of the Voreifel and the wonderful view of Eicks Castle.

In the 16th century, the so-called “tithe tax” was levied here in the tithe barn. The farmers in the area had to give the 10th part of their yield to the liege lord.

You can take it very well in Eicks! In this small village with a lot of history and even more nature.


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Bauern-Café Zehntscheune
Am Auel 1
53894 Mechernich-Eicks
Phone: (0049) 2443 315983
Fax: (0049) 2443 911816

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