Achtsamkeitspunkt 5 "Ort des Hörens"

Achtsamkeitspunkt 5 "Ort des Hörens"


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"The ear is the way to the heart" (a quote from Madeleine de Scudery).

Our ear already starts working in the womb. It is on duty 24 hours a day, constantly receiving. We need our ears to supply the brain with vital information from the environment. The ear warns us of danger, gives us orientation and is important for social communication. Unfortunately, people often only become aware of this when their hearing no longer functions.

Here, at the "Place of Hearing", you can experience different ways of consciously perceiving your hearing and connecting it with your body. Then we go "back to the source".
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Achtsamkeitspfad Kleine Kyll
Mosenbergstr. 22
54531 Manderscheid
Phone: (0049) 6592 951370

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