Weihnachten Eifel: Der Weihnachtsmarkt in der Fachwerkstadt Monschau lockt an den Adventswochenenden., © Tourist-Information Monschau

Christmas markets

Handicrafts in a historical setting

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What is lovelier than treating yourself to mulled wine and toasted almonds during advent, and wandering through small, prettily decorated wooden huts?

If you also have a castle or old town walls as a backdrop, the idyllic scene is perfect. There are several Christmas markets in the Eifel region which are held within old town walls or in a castle courtyard.

The “Manderscheider Burgweihnacht” at Manderscheid castle, Burg Satzvey castle, the advent market at the Genovaburg castle in Mayen, Monschau, Mörz, Dudeldorf, Bad Münstereifel, Kronenburg and Burg Reifferscheid castle not only have festively decorated huts to offer, but also a castle setting, a medieval town centre and half-timbered houses with a very special atmosphere.

Visitors can enjoy many culinary delicacies or find a few Christmas presents. Admire the fine quality handicrafts and much more at the Christmas markets in the Eifel region. 

Kerzenlicht im Freilichtmuseum, © Hans-Theo Gerhards LVR

Nov 28, 2020 - Nov 29, 2020 Advent for all the senses


Advent for all the senses.

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Weihnachtsmarkt Dudeldorf 1, © Gewerbeverein Dudeldorf

Nov 28, 2020 - Nov 29, 2020 Weihnachtsmarkt Dudeldorf


Weihnachtsmarkt Dudeldorf.

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Burg Satzvey, Fotograf Juergen Sittig

Nov 28, 2020 - Dec 20, 2020 Burg Satzvey castle Christmas market


Burg Satzvey castle Christmas market.

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Burg in Flammen_Burgenweihnacht

Nov 28, 2020 - Nov 29, 2020 Castle Christmas Manderscheid


Castle Christmas Manderscheid.

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Müllenbacher Weihnachtsmarkt, © Mike Mönig

Nov 28, 2020 Müllenbacher Weihnachtsmarkt


Müllenbacher Weihnachtsmarkt.

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Weihnachtsmarkt Antweiler, © Egon Honerbach

Dec 12, 2020 - Dec 13, 2020 Christmas Market Antweiler


Christmas Market Antweiler.

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Weihnachtsmarkt Adenau, © Alex Dauns

Dec 18, 2020 - Dec 20, 2020 Christmas market Adenau


Christmas market Adenau.

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