Die besondere Sonntagsreihe: Holzmaar

Die besondere Sonntagsreihe: Holzmaar

Sep 1, 2024


The Holzmaar is an interesting object of research. Numerous drill cores have been taken and analysed here. The maar sediments provide many insights into climate research and the study of volcanism. For walkers, the Maar is above all a quiet, idyllic place that invites them to linger. On the guided tour, guests can get both: the peaceful tranquillity and the interesting and exciting information on Eifel maar volcanism, climate development and its connections with history, and much more.

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  • Only at September 1, 2024
    At 11:00


an der K 17, westlich Holzmaar
54558 Gillenfeld


Parkplatz am Holzmaar
an der K 17, westlich Holzmaar
54558 Gillenfeld

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