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Orchideen - Pyramidenorchis, © Naturpark Südeifel/P. Wagner

Orchids in the South Eifel nature park

The fascination of wild-growing orchids. The south Eifel region is home to around 30 species.

The South Eifel is one of the most orchid-rich regions in Germany. There are a large number of orchids growing in the wild here.
Orchids love light, usually grow on light soil such as shell limestone, and benefit from the favourable climate conditions in the South Eifel.
Here, around 30 of the approximately 60 types of orchid found in Germany grow here.

The local species include the white helleborine, the spotted orchid, the pyramid orchid or the late spider orchid.

Several protective areas have been established in order to ensure that the orchids survive. To enable the wild orchids to continue growing in the Eifel, they must always be left where they are and not picked.
A particularly good way of discovering the orchids in the South Eifel nature park is to join a special guided tour with a nature park ranger.

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