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blühende Narzissen in der Eifel, © Eifel Tourismus GmbH, Dominik Ketz

Narcissi in the Eifel

Wild narcissi in the Eifel turn fields into yellow carpets of flowers

They are a vibrant, rare natural phenomenon that occurs during the spring in the Perlenbach and Fuhrtsbach river valleys near Monschau, and in the Oleftal valley near Hellenthal in the Eifel region. Around six million small, wild-growing narcissi spread out to create enormous yellow carpets, and announce the arrival of spring. They grow over an area of around 280 hectares. Apart from the Eifel, the only other fields with wild flowering narcissi can be found in Hunsrück.

A protected natural feature

This natural feature is valued and cared for. The sight of these graceful small plants in such vast numbers is simply indescribable and beautiful to behold. In the 1950s, the valley meadows were planted with spruce trees. The growing spruce forests suppressed the meadow flowers, and with them, the biodiversity of the area. Thanks to an initiative by the “NRW Stiftung” foundation, the area was turned into a nature reserve in order to protect the meadows and their glorious flowers. 

Hiking through the narcissi

This area is worth visiting at any time of the year, but in the spring - especially in April - the wild narcissi are a particular attraction with their bright yellow colour. During this time, hiking here is a particular joy. The Perlenbachtal valley is easy to explore on your own - there’s a “Narcissus route” for hikers of about fifteen kilometres long - but guided tours are also offered during which visitors are told interesting facts about the fauna and flora. 

Exhibition in the Höfen national park gate

For anyone who does not want to hike through the narcissus meadows or who is in the area outside of the flowering period can visit an interesting exhibition at the Monschau-Höfen national park gate. It also features a slide show and a film about the wild narcissi.

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