Wirftbach-Schleife_Blick auf Wirft, © Walter Schmitz
  • Distance: 14 km
  • Duration: 4:00 h
  • Difficulty: intermediate

Circular route | Wirftbach-Schleife


The Wirftbach accompanies the hiker up the stream to the edge of the village of Wirft. Passing the Wirfter Refuge, the path climbs uphill for a short stretch before leaving the Wirftbach valley via a serpentine path in the area of the Dreimüllerhof estate. On this section of the path, which climbs slightly, you can enjoy an impressive view of the Dreimüllerhof, the village of Wirft im Tal and the high-altitude village of Hoffeld. Once you reach the top, a steep path leads through the forest back down into the Wirftbach valley. (approx. 200 m). A little caution is advised here! Nature lovers can expect a floodplain with extensively managed wet meadows. After a short time the hiker reaches the Müllenwirft area of a former pilgrimage site "Zur Not Gottes" which was sold and demolished in 1823. A farm with a mill also belonged to it. On the opposite side of the valley, a small chapel built in 1988 reminds of this formerly important place of pilgrimage.  The path continues along the Wirftbach stream to the Barweiler mill with fishing ponds. Along the fishing ponds, the path leads upstream to the road bridge that spans the Wirftbach. Here we leave the Wirftbach on an old pilgrims' path in the direction of the well-known place of pilgrimage Barweiler. At first, we walk through a wooded area and reach the first meadows and the edge of Barweiler. Passing the meteorological observatory and following a station path we walk to the vantage point "Hömmerich". This point has an altitude of 496 m above sea level and offers an unparalleled view of the Daun Volcanic Eifel, the Snow Eifel and the Upper Ahreifel. Meaningful panoramic pictures indicate the places and elevations and can be determined with the help of the boards. A forest path leads from the "Hömmerich" to a meadow path which leads through a hollow to Barweiler. Walking through the village we reach the pilgrimage church St. Gertrud in the centre of the village. The veneration of the Virgin Mary goes back to a miracle in 1726, after which the withered lily flowers on a statue of the Virgin Mary started to bud again in September. Then, after the ecclesiastical authorities had verified the event, this place of grace "Zur lieben Frau mit der Lilie" became a place of pilgrimage for the people of the Eifel to which many pilgrims still go on pilgrimage to this day. In Barweiler there are several gastronomic stops after which the path to the edge of the village leads into an impressive ash tree alley. From here we walk downhill until we see the entire "Kirmutscheid" ensemble in front of us. A bench invites you to take a last rest before the end of the hike.                

Kirmutscheid - Barweiler Mill (4.8 km) - Barweiler Mill - Barweiler (5.5 km) - Barweiler - Kirmutscheid (3.7 km)

The round tour is marked with the road logo throughout.

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Start: Kirmutscheid

Destination: Kirmutscheid

Distance: 14 km

Duration: 4:00 h

Difficulty: intermediate

Tour-type: Hiking

Ascent: 436 m

Descent: 436 m

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