Eifelsteig Stage 5
Kirche in Olef am Eifelsteig, © Eifel Tourismus GmbH, D. Ketz

Eifelsteig Stage 05


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The fifth stage of the Eifelsteig runs from Gemünd to Steinfeld and the monastery of the same name.
Your Eifelsteig hike begins in Schleiden-Gemünd, where the little Olef river flows into the Urft. A little tip: Take an extra apple with you on the hike today - have one as a snack along the way and keep the other until you reach the end, an exciting surprise awaits! 
From the mouth of the Olef, you first follow the course of the river along a steadily climbing forest trail. You enjoy the fresh forest air and sometimes isolated paths take you to a viewing point: from Kuckucksley, you can see your next stop, the village of Olef in the forested Oleftal valley. If you pass through Olef at the weekend, you will come across a curiosity: an old, dark red rail bus drives through the centre of the historical village. You leave the valley of the Olef behind and hike through the secluded forest passages in a relaxed manner. Along the way, abandoned ore mines and prospects bear witness to the long-forgotten mining history here. After the village of Golbach, the landscape opens up and you can already catch a first glimpse of your destination for the day: Steinfeld Abbey. Past the picturesque courses of the streams and the gently rolling meadows on the edge of the forest, you start getting into the spirit of pilgrimage. Soon, you come to the mighty abbey walls and are on the lookout for the entrance gate. You enter the medieval abbey complex and are surrounded by a reverent atmosphere of relaxation and contemplation. Then you realise that you still have an apple in your bag - but why? Look for the gravestone of Saint Hermann Josef and you will see what it is for.

Marking of the tour:

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More information about this route

Start: Gemünd

Destination: Kloster Steinfeld

Distance: 17.5 km

Duration: 05:15 h

Difficulty: intermediate

Tour-type: Hiking

Ascent: 800 m

Descent: 621 m

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