Wildpark Schmidt

Wildpark Schmidt


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An eventful day in nature - for the whole family! The wildlife park covers an area of 36 hectares. The owners Katja and Axel Scheidtweiler, now in the 3rd generation, are redesigning the game park piece by piece in a colourful and eventful way - for the whole family. Visitors can enjoy the new petting zoo right next to the playground. In the enclosure, you can pet and feed the goats up close. Continue on to the lovingly decorated rabbit and guinea pig hutch. Passing geese, ducks and chickens, the second new contact enclosure is home to the Wildpark's donkeys. These trusting creatures are an invitation to cuddle for young and old alike. Also very tame are the "Schnuckis" of the pack of fallow deer ladies with their calves, as well as the Cameroon sheep family Frida, Emma, Karli and Karlson, who have found a home here.

The trail is about 5 km long in total, the enclosures are very large and spacious, completely adapted to the animals' natural habitat. You can see red deer, fallow deer, wild boar and mouflons all year round, as well as various species of ducks and Egyptian geese on the ponds. At lunchtime, you can watch the falconer perform a spectacular flight show and experience how the birds of prey of the game park fly close enough to touch over the guests on the outdoor terrace and the goat enclosure.

The café and bistro serves many coffee specialities and the famous homemade cake. Pudding or poppy seed crumble, gooseberry meringue, cherry, apple or apricot crumble and much more. On Sundays, there is also homemade cheesecake. There is something for everyone here. If you want to satisfy your hearty appetite, you can choose from specialities such as sandwiches with deer ham from our own production or a large selection of soups. Here you get quality at fair prices.

On weekends and public holidays, there is also a large breakfast from 9:30 to 11 am. The Wildpark's famous home-baked rolls are served, with a cold cuts platter and much more that the heart desires. Reservations by telephone are required.

The opening hours of the park and the café as well as the entrance fees to the park can be found on the homepage at www.wildpark-schmidt.de.

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Wildpark Schmidt
52385 Nideggen-Schmidt
Phone: 0049 2474 215


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