Museum Zum alten Eisen

Museum Zum alten Eisen


Take a trip back in time to past centuries with just one step: This rare opportunity is offered to anyone who steps through the door into the "Museum Zum alten Eisen" in Mückeln.

To be admired are old household objects, including many irons and fancy iron stoves from bygone eras. These relics offer an authentic insight into the everyday life and living of our ancestors. Here, any visitor who thinks an exhibition about irons would be boring will be proven wrong.

It all began many years ago with a small collection of old irons, iron stoves and radios, some of which were painstakingly and time-consumingly restored by hand. In the last 16 years, this collection has been expanded to include some old treasures and special household appliances of our ancestors from the 17th and 18th centuries. Appliances such as mangles, blossom irons, flat irons and waffle irons have been added, as well as old butter churns, tools and much more. The collection is now housed in an old barn, which did not look good for a long time. With the help of friends and family, the building was saved. It was lovingly renovated over many years and is now a jewel inside and out, which now houses the unusual museum. In the cosy conservatory, visitors have the opportunity to relax before, during and after the tour. Here they can pause for a moment and let the impressions sink in.
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Anyone who would like to visit the museum can make an individual appointment for a tour using the contact details provided.

The owners are happy to take plenty of time to explain the history of their collection to guests. After all, every exhibit has its very own story.




Museum Zum alten Eisen
Hauptstr. 23
54558 Mückeln
Phone: (0049) 65748425

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