Mariensäule Waxweiler

Mariensäule Waxweiler


The Marian column, the Madonna vom Eichelsberg

During the Ardennes offensive in 1944/45, Waxweiler was part of the Wehrmacht's deployment area. In these difficult years of war, the people of Waxweiler praised the erection of a monument in honor of Our Lady, if their home was spared. Unfortunately, several residents and foreign workers were killed in a bomb attack by enemy airmen on January 8, 1945. Some houses, the district court and the youth center were destroyed. Thank God, however, Waxweiler was spared further war disasters.

As early as September 1946, a committee was formed to erect the promised monument. The location agreed on the dominant height of the Eichelsberg. Land was provided free of charge. The Trier sculptor Nagel was commissioned to carry out the project. Most of the costs were raised by house collections in Waxweiler and the surrounding villages, the rest from natural goods.

The sandstone blocks required come from the Neidenbach quarries. The 13 round blocks and the statue were transported to Eichelsberg by horse and cart. The two heavy base stones each weighed around 3.3 t. To erect the column, a scaffold consisting of six trunks more than 20m high was erected on which a pulley was attached. It took 20 months before this exemplary community work of the population could be completed. On May 9, 1948, the day of the church's consecration and the secular handover of the monument to the Catholic parish of Waxweiler, several hundred people made a solemn procession on the Eichelsberg.

The memorial with its many thank-you tablets is always a popular place of worship. A procession takes place every year from the parish church to the Marian column on a maison Sunday. In 1998 the parish community celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Marian column with several hundred believers. In recent years, the tall trees have blocked the view of the Marian column. The board of trustees of today's Gerhard Faber Foundation took on the redesign of the entire facility in 2004. In cooperation with the local population, the square around the Marian column was completely renovated.

Since then, the beautiful view of the Prümtal and the surrounding heights has opened up again. The full size of the Marian column itself can be seen from the surrounding area. It towers high above the Eifel town of Waxweiler and looks far into the country. In the evening and at night it shines with a brilliant sheen. As part of the redesign, the facility was also expanded to include an altar. It stands on a brick platform made of local slate slabs. The Marian column has a total height of 16 meters. The Madonna with ball is 4.30 m high.

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