Lasertag Arena und VR Room

Lasertag Arena und VR Room


Lasertag Arena

Groups of max. 12 people play against each other. In the spacious arena track down the opponent and score as many points as possible. Game duration variable.

Mark your opponents, stay in cover and use your skills to prevail in the LaserZone. Here, offense is your best defense. Plunge headfirst into fast-paced sci-fi action you won't forget. Laser tag combines sports, games, fun and excitement with a big dose of action. In this fun sport from the USA, players hunt for points either solo or in various teams. The aim of the game is to mark the sensor vest of the opponents with an appropriate light beam, equipped with a light phaser. Sounds easy? It's not, because your opponents are also looking for you with their phasers.

Prices: from 1 x 8min 5,00 €
Lasertag is for players from 12 years.
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VR Room/Virtual Reality Arena
Your way into a new dimension of gaming Normal gaming on the console or PC is too boring for you? Get ready for a completely new experience when our HTC VIVE Pro VR glasses take you into a new dimension of gaming. Here you don't control a character - here you are the character. Your body is your controller: if you move in reality, you move virtually. Fly through the air, prevent a zombie apocalypse or slip into a new and unique role with each of our games. Whether alone or in pairs - dive into strange worlds, get lost and get ready for a unique virtual reality adventure.

VR Space Egg
The virtual 4D ride of your life Get in, buckle up and go full throttle into the terrifyingly real 4D experience. There's something for everyone here! Whether it's a fast-paced roller coaster ride, a trip through the ocean or the dinosaur park, or for those with strong nerves, a tour of the haunted house. Come to us and let us take you to another world.

VR Arena
1min 0,60€
30min 16€
60min 30€

Space egg
1 Coin/1 ride p.p. 3€
4 Coins/4 rides 10€
10 Coins/10 rides 22€

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