On the trail of Franz Krawutschke - "Krawutschketurm" day trip tip

When hiking pioneer Franz Krawutschke moved from Potsdam to Düren at a young age for a commercial apprenticeship, he was hooked. He fell irretrievably in love with the Eifel landscape with its unique valleys. From then on, he devoted every free minute to experiencing nature and made it his goal to bring the beauty of the Eifel to as many people as possible. As a member of the Eifelverein, which was founded in 1888, Krawutschke was very committed and developed the network of hiking trails in the Eifel over many years. Among other things, he took care of the signposting of the widely ramified hiking trails, as well as the appropriate map material. The respect he paid to the local nature distinguished him. So it is not surprising that Franz Krawutschke was also appointed the first honorary hiking warden of the Eifelverein. You can follow in his footsteps on a day trip.

The tower is 13 metres high with the substructure. There are 76 steps leading up to the viewing platform.

Krawutschke Trail and Krawutschke Tower

The Krawutschke Trail, about 9 kilometres long, runs between Obermaubach and Zerkall and takes you once over the Burgberg. Once you have reached the top, the Krawutschke Tower, which is about 13 metres high, awaits you with a fabulous panorama of the Eifel mountain ranges. Let your gaze wander over the Rur and Kall valleys. In good weather, you can even make out the silhouette of Cologne. After a short rest, head downhill towards Zerkall, from where you can take the Rurtalbahn or walk along the water back to the starting point in Obermaubach.

Good to know: The entire trail is signposted with the hiking sign 93. Extra tip: even more adventure with the forest adventure trail The Forest Adventure Trail leads directly past the Krawutschketurm. In addition to interesting information boards, the small but excellent hiking trail also has some wooden toys and stations for little nature fans. Soon there will also be a separate barefoot park.

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