Klettern "Ettringer Lay" und "Kottenheimer Winfeld"

Klettern "Ettringer Lay" und "Kottenheimer Winfeld"


Climbing in the former quarry

Override the laws of gravity. Smooth slabs, overhangs and fireplaces become a fascinating experience and guarantee an adventure that will be remembered for a long time to come.

Climbing means dancing in the vertical and is one of the most beautiful forms to feel his body completely and to control its exact functioning.

Basalt lava was mined here until a few decades ago. However, the former quarry areas were already discovered a few years ago by recreational climbers and attract meanwhile more and more supporters of this sport.

On the website of Alexander S. Friedberger (www.klettern-ettringen.de) the climbing areas and tours are presented and also other information about climbing in the two o.g. Main climbing areas in the front Eifel ready.

In addition, the German Alpine Club, Section Koblenz, offers the opportunity to learn how to climb and live together under supervision and in the group in Ettringen and Kottenheim.


Do a climbing tour only if you have the necessary knowledge and a good condition, are sure-footed and free from giddiness.

Climbing is at your own risk. Any liability is refused.

The following points have to be considered:

only enter in stable weather conditions
A suitable equipment is obligatory
pay attention to other people and do not trigger rockfall
Insurance cover is a matter for each individual
please report damages to the local community Ettringen (Tel .: 02651/2362)
respect fauna and flora
please do not leave any trash.

Thank you for your help!

Further information about the areas can be found here:

DAV Section Koblenz e. V.

Column way 7
56077 Koblenz
Telephone: +49 261 79452
Fax: +49 261 71039
Branch Manager: Andrea Schwoll
Internet: http://www.dav-koblenz.de
Mail: info@dav-koblenz.de

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Parkplatz an der Ettringer Lay
Mayener Straße/ L82
56727 Ettringen
Phone: (0049)02651 800995

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