A true paradise extends on the outskirts of the village of Ulmen on a plateau below the Steimelskopf, where a volcano once erupted with a tremendous detonation, forming a deep crater with a Maar lake, which now serves as a renowned bird sanctuary. The exact age of the Jungferweiher cannot be determined, but due to its morphological form, it is believed to be several hundred thousand years old.

In the early modern period, the lords of Ulmen used the lake as a fishery for carp breeding until it gradually silted up over time, and the inhabitants of Ulmen harvested peat from the former Maar for heating purposes. However, in 1942, it was decided to flood the area again by damming the Ulmener Bach to secure the drinking water supply of the Cochem-Zell district. Today, the Jungferweiher, located at an elevation of 428 meters above sea level, covers an area of around 170,000 square meters with a depth of 0.8 meters. The pond, together with the Ulmener Maar, is protected due to its rare flora and fauna.

Numerous endangered species such as the snipe or meadow pipit breed in the reed-rich shore zones, while ospreys have already been observed hunting. Migratory birds such as cranes, teal, and red-backed shrikes annually rest on the meadows at the Ulmener Jungferweiher. Therefore, a hike on the approximately 3-kilometer circular route, especially during the migration seasons in spring and autumn, is a must. At the bird observatory located on the western shore, you can observe the birds particularly well in their natural habitat. Today, a wide variety of fish species thrive in the shallow water of the Ulmener Weiher, which can be fished from a fishing pier on the southern shore. However, swimming and other water sports are prohibited. Fishing licenses are issued by the local municipal administration in Ulmen.

Since 2023, the Ulmener Maar Tunnel has connected the Jungferweiher to the Ulmener Maar underground. A visit to the 126-meter-long tunnel is highly recommended!

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