Ice skating at the Bitburg ice ring


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The ice rink at the Südring (next to the Bitburger brewery) in Bitburg offers a special treat during the cold season. Ice-skating for adults and children is possible six days a week. Gently glide on narrow blades over ice, make curves or turn pirouettes to beautiful music; everyone will enjoy this winter fun. Fitness lovers should not miss out on the winter classic ice-skating. Skating has a positive effect on all of your muscles, your sense of balance, body awareness and coordination, and promotes cardiovascular functions. Thus, our visitors will stay in shape even in the winter. In addition, many special events are offered.

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Eissporthalle Bitburg e.V.
Güterstraße 7
54634 Bitburg
Phone: (0049) 6561 8447
Fax: (0049) 6561 12647

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