Eifel-Blick Grünenthal in Monschau-Imgenbroich

Eifel-Blick Grünenthal in Monschau-Imgenbroich


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The Eifel view "Grünenthal" near Monschau-Imgenbroich offers a view over the valley of the upper Rur at an altitude of 490 meters above sea level, before it flows into the Rurstausee. Several mills were operated here on the Rur and its tributaries until the 1940s. In the Belgenbacher Mühler, farmers from the area were able to have their grain ground until the 1920s. After that, the mill served as a youth home for the Catholic Church. Today it has been lovingly renovated and is privately owned. Nearby is the village of Hammer, whose origins go back to an ironworks called Hermeshammer in the Rur Valley. Later there was also a grain mill in Hammer called Hammermühle. You can reach Monschau-Imgenbroich via the B 258 coming from Monschau or via the B 399 from Simmerath. Leave Monschau-Imgenbroich in the direction of Widdau. There is parking at the exit from the village.

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Eifelblick Grünenthal in Monschau-Imgenbroich
Grünenthalstraße (K21)
52156 Monschau-Imgenbroich
Phone: (0049) 2472 80480

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