Eifel-Blick "Burg Nideggen"

Eifel-Blick "Burg Nideggen"


This Eifel view (approx. 300 metres above sea level) on the west tower, the so-called "Damenerker", of the castle offers you a distant view in a south-westerly to north-westerly direction over the middle Rur valley and the northern parts of the Eifel National Park across to the plateau of the Rur-Eifel. The west tower consists mainly of 14th century building fabric and served representative purposes with its large windows. Inside, there are remains of a fireplace, which is thought to have been the bower for the female members of the count's family.

Nideggen Castle towers above the middle Rur valley on the so-called "castle wall", which is up to 50 m high and forms the high point of the local sandstone formations. The oldest part of this mighty and imposing landmark (the keep) was built between 1177 and 1190 at the behest of Count Wilhelm II of Jülich. The Castle Museum, which opened in the keep in 1979, provides an interesting insight into life in a castle in the Middle Ages through its exhibitions.

Directions You can reach Nideggen from Düren and Heimbach via the L 249, from the Aachen region via the B 399 and L 11, from the Monschau region via the L 246 and from the Cologne-Bonn area via the B 265 and L 11. In Nideggen, follow the signs to the castle and park on the Burgflecken.

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