Via Ferrata around the castles

Via Ferrata around the castles


Climbing in the unique setting of the two Manderscheid castles on 3 different stages.
Each stage can be experienced individually or connected by short hiking passages. An approach of 1.3 km leads you from the starting point at the "Burgenstieg" car park to the start of the stage.

Stage 1 Lieser

Section 2 Oberburg

Section 3 Niederburg

The via ferrata may only be climbed with safety equipment for via ferrata (helmet, harness and via ferrata set) and requires physical fitness, surefootedness and a head for heights!
The well-known climbing book author Axel Jentsch Rabl from Tyrol describes the Manderscheider Burgenklettersteig thus: "The Burgenklettersteig in Manderscheid - let me say this right away - is the best, except alpine via ferrata in Germany! The ferrata tour simply has everything a really good via ferrata needs - great scenery (beautiful town, mostly by the stream, pure volcanic Eifel), historical highlights (Oberburg and Niederburg castles and the old knight's paths) and, of course, great via ferrata passages, some of them quite tricky. On this ferrata, you primarily traverse along the rocks, of course there are also steep vertical passages - the key to success is often a bit tricky, you have to look out for good footholds on the left and right. Sure, after you've completed the rather long via ferrata tour, the sweat runs off your forehead or your knees even shake a little on the 60-metre castle bridge, but at the end you have a great feeling of happiness at the so-called Kaisertempelchen and can once again enjoy the perfect view of the Eifel landscape and the two castles."

Attention: Alpine dangers! Only for experienced hikers and at your own risk! Increased risk of slipping on the rocks when wet! Do not walk on the trail during thunderstorms!

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Opening hours

  • From January 1st to December 1st
    00:00 - 23:59

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    00:00 - 23:59

The Burgenklettersteig is open and accessible all year round.

In bad weather, the risk of slipping increases and so does the risk of accidents.

Climbing is not permitted during thunderstorms!




GesundLand Vulkaneifel
Kirchstr. 12
54531 Manderscheid
Phone: (0049) 6572 9989005

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