Brennerei Hannenhof

Brennerei Hannenhof


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The Hannenhof distillery gives you an insight into the world of distillates and liqueurs. We will present our distillery to you and introduce you to the secrets of the Eifel distilling art. For our schnapps specialties we only use the best tree-ripened fruit varieties from the Eifel region. More than a hundred years of distilling experience, combined with state-of-the-art technology, make our Hannenhof schnapps incomparable specialties.

Fancy a schnapps tasting?
During a vacation at the Hannenhof you are cordially invited to visit a schnapps tasting. If you wish, we can offer you a taste of our schnapps in the cosy atmosphere of our party barn. At a schnapps tasting you can taste the distilled schnapps with bread and crackling lard.

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Hauptstraße 1
54636 Wiersdorf
Phone: (0049) 06569 7180

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