Bäckerei Bell GmbH

Bäckerei Bell GmbH


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The name "BELL" stands for the tradition of a family business, the love of old craftsmanship and the use of natural and well-tried raw materials. For us it is a matter of course that we bake all breads with natural sourdough we produce ourselves - just like 100 years ago. Free of preservatives, formed piece by piece by hand - no mass production, each one unique. Besides the traditional baked goods, we also produce a variety of extraordinary delicacies in our own confectionery. To ensure that we can supply you with fresh baked goods all day long, we supply our branches several times a day and constantly bake FRESH buns in our shops.

Your family Bell and team




Bäckerei Bell GmbH
Nürburgstraße 52
53945 Blankenheim-Blankenheimerdorf
Phone: (0049) 2449 1046
Fax: (0049) 2449 918665

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