Aussichtspunkt Achterhöhe


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Since 2012, hikers have been able to enjoy a fantastic view from the Achterhöhe near Lutzerath. From the viewing platform at Siebenbachblick, a bridge construction that requires a head for heights, you can see the Üssbach flashing through the trees exactly seven times. Tired calves can relax on a forest sofa.

The viewing platform is integrated into the Achterhöhe adventure trail and can therefore only be reached on foot. The hiking trail offers spectacular views and treasures of nature. Eight experience points combine the rare with the typical over a good five kilometres; grandiose vistas are followed by protected animal and plant species. With a bit of luck, red kite, badger, red forest ants or even tree hawks can be seen in their natural environment. The circular trail offers eight experience points.

The first station is the chapel "Hammes Heiligenhäuschen". This saint's hut was built by the Hammes family about 200 years ago for religious reasons and in gratitude for help with illnesses. At the badger burrows, which are the second point of experience, you can catch a glimpse of a shy badger leaving its burrow at night with a bit of luck. With calm and patience, tree hawks and pearl grass butterflies can be observed at the third experience point, the heath area where heather and the rare forest hyacinths grow. Station four offers the opportunity to take a rest break with spectacular views. While their legs dangle from the forest sofas, visitors can venture a look deep down into the Üssbach valley. The further stretch of the Achterhöhe adventure trail leads through a coppice forest typical of the Eifel, which forms adventure point five. The sparse forests are the result of thousands of years of cultivation. At adventure point six, the industrious workers of the red forest ant have built mounds up to two metres high. A wetland biotope and the Three Oaks Hut together form the seventh station, where you can observe grass snakes and adder in their natural habitat.

The last experience point on the trail is the archaeologically valuable remains of the Roman burial mounds, which offer a look back at times long past.

Hike along Heimatspur 05 for 5.4 km. After 3 km you reach the Achterhöhe.




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