Angeln - Stadtkyll, Wirftstausee

Angeln - Stadtkyll, Wirftstausee


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On a two-hectare area, you can fish for rainbow trouts, brook trouts, salmon trouts, perchs, breams, tenchs, carps, roachs, rudds, pikes, eels and pike-perchs in the reservoir of the Wirft. The reservoir also has a larger fish sanctuary where fishing is prohibited.

You can buy day tickets for € 7,00, weekly tickets for € 26,00, monthly tickets for € 51,00.

Have fun and tight lines!



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Touristinformation Gerolsteiner Land
Burgberg 22
54589 Stadtkyll
Phone: (0049) 6591 13 3200
Fax: (0049) 6597 13 9300

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