Eifel Tourismus GmbH | Guided E-MTB Tour at the Nürburgring, at the daylight

Guided E-MTB Tour at the Nürburgring, at the daylight

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First of all, there is a good 10 km of steady ascent ahead, which is mainly on unprepared forest roads through the mixed forests of the Eifel. - You already follow the racetrack of the Nürburgring.


The e-bikes are very well equipped for the tour thanks to the motor and battery, but it is quickly noticeable that you don't get anything for free here. After a short technical single trail passage through the forest, up to the "Caracciola carousel", most of the power of the battery should have already been used up and the participants are sure to be warm now. That's okay, because from here on there are only short passages uphill.


Participants can indulge in a nice flow over loose gravel roads to the "Brünnchen" section of the route. Here there is a last steep climb ahead and you have a great view of the racetrack again. The track stretches along a plateau along the Nordschleife, past the "Stefan Bellof S".


On gravel and over asphalt it goes in the direction of "Access to the Devils Diner".

Once you have arrived in Nürburg, you will reach the "Sabine Schmitz Curve" on the tour. Throughout her life, the famous racing driver completed a total of 33,000 laps on the Nordschleife in 30 years.


The participants have followed the tour guide uphill for at least 90 minutes and now the rapid descent back to Adenau is imminent. Deservedly, you roll down fast sections with loose gravel through various tight curves and even steeper descents follow - mixed on loose gravel and on paved gravel roads.

Before the "Postbrücke" you need to be skillful with the disc brakes, because the participants have to decelerate very hard here in order to gain speed again in the downhill next to the "Fuchsrohr".


The "Adenauer Forst", which is popular and notorious for its pronounced chicane, now appears at the edge of the forest and the open hill offers a great view over the beautiful High Eifel and the racetrack, depending on the weather. The unique view up here is always impressive.


Briefly relaxed, the journey now goes to the "Metztgesfeld", the most challenging passage of this tour. Tightly grip on the handlebars - along and over the protruding roots - and into the steep downhill block rough gravel, parallel to Kallenhard.


With less than a handful of curves on it, Adenau spreads out again in the valley before the eyes of the participants. Now you pass the interestingly located Wehrseifen curve.

This complex chicane is the slowest corner of the Green Hell.


Via the exit of the corner, the participants reach the end of the exciting lap around the Nürburgring-Nordschleife via a brisk descent - welcome to "Breidscheid".

Now it's time to enjoy the remaining 2 km to the starting point at BIKE POWER E-Bike.


We are already looking forward to the next time.

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