Aussichtsplattform „Am Johannesknecht" in St. Johann

Aussichtsplattform „Am Johannesknecht" in St. Johann

St. Johann

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The observation deck "Am Johannesknecht" at Kreisstraße 21 just before the entrance to St. Johann offers a fantastic view over the Nettetal and Mayen up to the Maifeld.

At the present location of the observation deck, there used to be two large basalt cones, which also served as a lookout point, but had to give way to economic interests in basalt mining. According to legend, the so-called sprinklecones were created when the servant John freed the maid Catherine. The mother of the fat Catherine was a witch and wanted to give John the "Dicketrain" (Katharina) only to be a woman when he steals consecrated vessels from the church. Whereupon John stole the vessels. However, as the couple entered their wedding journey, the sky became very dark, with lightning coming down and turning the couple into stone.

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St. Johann


Aussichtsplattform "Am Johannesknecht"
K21 aus Richtung Mayen kommend
56727 St. Johann
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