Wittlicher Konzerte - Chaos String Quartet: Geordnetes Chaos

Wittlicher Konzerte - Chaos String Quartet: Geordnetes Chaos

Apr 6, 2024


In Greek mythology, Khaos rather a primeval, unstructured potential from which anything can arise. Music is a form of creation in which sounds and tones are arranged in a certain structure to create a harmonious composition. Without khaos, the chaotic state from which everything arises, there would be no way to shape and transform these sounds and tones into a musical creation. To follow a very own and fundamentally sincere path, a path that wants to overcome supposed boundaries - that is the motto of the Chaos String Quartet. The four quartet members see chaos as the "archetype of everything creative", whereby art, science and philosophy can be combined into a total work of art, and they share the desire to be present as a risk-taking, multinational voice on the chamber music stages of the world.

As prize-winners at the largest renowned international competitions such as Bad Tölz (2023), ARD (2022), Bordeaux (2022), and Haydn (2023), the Chaos String Quartet was able to establish itself in the international music scene in a very short time. Further successes include the 2nd prize and numerous special prizes at the "Bartók World" Competition 2021 in Budapest and winning the "V. E. Rimbotti" String Quartet Competition in Italy; also 2021.
In addition to working with his mentor Prof. Johannes Meissl in Vienna as part of the ECMAster Progamme. The musicians received further artistic impulses from Rainer Schmidt (Hagen Quartet), Hatto Beyerle (Alban Berg Quartet), András Keller (Keller Quartet) and Oliver Wille (Kuss Quartet), among others.

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  • Only at April 6, 2024
    At 19:00


Himmeroder Straße 44
54516 Wittlich


Musikkreis Stadt Wittlich e.V.
Rommelsbach 19
54516 Wittlich

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