Weibsbilder "Abstellgleis - Anschluss verpasst" in Bad Bertrich

Weibsbilder "Abstellgleis - Anschluss verpasst" in Bad Bertrich

Dec 2, 2023

Bad Bertrich

02 December 2023

WEIBSBILDER "Abstellgleis - Anschluss verpasst"


"Weibsbilder" with the programme "Abstellgleis - Anschluss verpasst" (Siding - Missed Connection) The time has come... The new programme of the Weibsbilder is in the starting blocks: "Abstellgleis - Anschluss verpasst". If you suspect naked facts, unvarnished truths or merciless self-irony behind it, you are right. The audience will experience a world premiere: Claudia Thiel and Anke Brausch will for the first time out themselves as women over 30, maybe even as women over 40. After not fitting into the men's "bride pattern" in previous years, they continue to wait for the final boarding of the relationship train. Is it a ride to nowhere, will they arrive at the station of love after all, has the train already left for them or how long will they have to wait on the siding? They have enjoyed sleeper cars, express trains or even switchback trains enough in the past years. Or are they really just left for each other? At the same time, the two ladies are in daily hand-to-hand combat on the front lines of real life, slowly setting the course for midlife. The popular stage characters of the Weibsbilder are also involved. Gundula, who drinks her own urine, also does everything she can to fire up the steam engine in their relationship once again, because she doesn't want to end up on the siding of love. Should we be afraid for Britta, who drinks all the time, that she will go under the wheels? Because she too wants to get a place on the love train. Like her, farmer's wife Christel Müller is still single. No one wants to disappear with her in her renovated milking chamber. Only Tineke, who is always 7 years old, provides a youthful contrast in the programme of the two artists. Precocious and true to life as always, she deals with the issues of the day. Don't miss this amusing ride, because as the press says: "Claudia Thiel and Anke Brausch provided over two hours of humorous continuous fire" (Westfälische Nachrichten). "Cabaret pleasure with a lot of brains." (Rheinpfalz) "A veritable continuous firework of gags pelted the audience" (Westerwälder Kurier) "They are true audience favourites" NGZ)

Programme in German

Location: KulturRaum Bad Bertrich, Kursaal 
Admission: 19:00
Start: 20:00
Duration: 2 hours
Ticket: 26,30 € 

Tickets are available online at https://www.ticket-regional.de/events_info.php?eventID=195233 , at all Ticket Regional advance booking offices and at the GesundLand Tourist Information Bad Bertrich.

Organizer: GesundLand Vulkaneifel GmbH

Corona conditions see "Voraussetzungen"

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  • Only at December 2, 2023
    At 20:00


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