Alles beibt anders - Impro-Comedy von und mit SPRINGMAUS in Bad Bertrich

Alles beibt anders - Impro-Comedy von und mit SPRINGMAUS in Bad Bertrich

Sep 23, 2023

Bad Bertrich

23. September 2023

"Alles bleibt anders" Impro-Comedy by an with SPRINGMAUS

SPRINGMAUS, Germany's best-known improvisation theatre, has been on the road since 1982 with various live programmes all over Germany - sometimes with several ensembles at the same time. The inventor of Springmaus is actor Bill Mockridge, known to many as "Erich Schiller" from the series "Lindenstraße" (and to the younger ones as Luke Mockridge's father). Successful comedians and cabaret artists such as Dirk Bach, Bernhard Hoëcker, Tetje Mierendorf and Ralf Schmitz began their careers as ensemble members of Springmaus.

"Everything remains different!" We live in turbulent times! And the future isn't what it used to be either. What else is there to do but rely on one's very own spontaneity. In the past, Raider became Twix. Today Peter becomes Petra and suddenly you have a boss instead of a boss. Cinema is now called Netflix, money is called Bitcoin. No one talks about the weather anymore, but everyone talks about the climate. And the fat sausage and the vegan burger are fighting for the best places in the refrigerated section. Everything is possible and nothing remains constant. Wonderful! A feast for the Springmaus. With quick-witted improvisations and comedy with its finger on the pulse, these virtuoso provocateurs find a replica for every lunacy. Nothing is rehearsed and there is no textbook, because the bigger the surprise, the funnier the Springmaus' response. "Everything remains different" provides a grandiose improv show in the incomparably humorous Springmaus style!

Programme in German

Location: KulturRaum Bad Bertrich, Kursaal 
Admission: 19:00
Start: 20:00
Duration: 2 hours
Ticket: 28,50 € 

Tickets are available online at , at all Ticket Regional advance booking offices and at the GesundLand Tourist Information Bad Bertrich.

Organizer: GesundLand Vulkaneifel GmbH

Corona conditions see "Voraussetzungen"

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  • Only at September 23, 2023
    At 20:00


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