Wanderung Spätsommer in der Schönecker Schweiz

Wanderung Spätsommer in der Schönecker Schweiz

Aug 28, 2022


The rocks of Schönecker Schweiz were formed around 400 million years ago as a reef in the sea. The stream valleys have cut deeply into this former reef of dolomite and limestone. Today, the plateaus and slopes are characterized by the vegetation of the calcareous grasslands and the river valleys by ravine forests and floodplains.

At the end of August the flowers are no longer as lush as in June, but there is still a lot to discover. With a bit of luck you will find fringed gentian, blood-red cranesbill and many other flowers and herbs blooming along the wayside on the calcareous grassland. When the weather is good, there are also many butterflies on the way.

Meeting point: hiking car park Schönecker Switzerland

Duration: approx. 3 hours

Price: €5.00/adult, €3.00/child, €13.00/family

Guided tour: Marita Mosebach-Amrhein, certified nature and landscape guide (ZNL)

Info/registration: North Eifel Nature Park, Prüm, phone +49 (0)6551 985755, email naturpark@pruem.de, or from Marita Mosebach-Amrhein, phone +49 (0)6551 509042, email marita.mosebach@ web.de, www.marita-mosebach.de


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