On the Vulcano Trail: A view over the garden fence into the land of the maars
Sep 4, 2021

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On the Vulcano Trail: A look over the garden fence into the land of maars and fairy tales - stories of the battle of the elements and from the lives of the people... If you want to experience the mystery of this special volcanic landscape, I invite you to walk and experience it with me in a mindful, attentive, unintentional way and with all your senses. Again and again we have a view over the "garden fence" into a fairytale-like landscape with its most diverse facets. We also pay great attention to the very small things and enjoy "pure nature" at the many places of leisure. The hike starts and ends in the small idyllic village of Ellscheid. At the first stop, the Ellscheid (dry) maar, all hell breaks loose in front of our inner eye and we witness a mighty battle of the elements, the interplay of fire and water. Afterwards, in the juniper heath, we pause completely, smell the spicy air and daydream of another decade, when herdsmen and flocks were still on the move here. An enchanted stream valley and a carbonated sour well are the next stage destinations. After a major climb to Steineberger Ley, we feel a little closer to heaven. In the Mürmes nature reserve, we experience a wondrous atmosphere at a silted-up and now swampy and boggy maar. Here, as in many other places, there are stories and tales about how people used to live and work. At the end of the day you may be tired. But the hike awakens your spirits, brings harmony and grounding. You feel at one with nature... in the Garden of Eden of the Volcanic Eifel. What you need for this hike: Hiking shoes, backpack food, time, leisure and the desire to be open to nature and its experiences and stories without intention.

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