MTB / E-MTB-Fahrtechnikkurs 'Trail & Ride' 2 - (Ba

MTB / E-MTB-Fahrtechnikkurs 'Trail & Ride' 2 - (Ba

Jun 19, 2022

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You have already been riding a mountain bike for a while, have learned the first important basics in a riding technique course and want to expand on them? Then the Trail & Ride 2 (Basic II) riding technique course is just right for you.

You still lack the feeling for the right braking points, the right cornering technique incl. body rotation/tilting technique or the right feeling for loading and unloading the front and rear wheel in order to be able to make your first jumps. Balance and bike control is a central theme of this course.

We look forward to teaching you this in a methodical and didactically professional way in the MTB riding technique course Trail & Ride 2 (Basic II). The content of the course builds on the MTB riding technique course Trail & Ride I (Basic I). The course content is professionally taught on the basis of our riding technique teaching concept - riding safety and fun are guaranteed.

Of course, you are also welcome as an E-MTB rider. However, the riding technique course is not specifically geared towards E-MTBs. The course teaches advanced MTB riding technique, which applies to both MTB and E-MTB. We will not go into specific questions such as motor control or battery management here. For this, we recommend one of our E-MTB riding technique courses or an individual course with a focus on E-MTB.
Under the guidance of the guide, you will learn how to refine and optimise your mountain bike riding technique through our sequential riding technique coaching.

No one is overtaxed here - according to the motto: "Everyone CAN, no one MUST", we work with you in the terrain on individual, technical riding sequences and routes according to your riding level. At the beginning, we will give you a feeling for the difficulty and technical demands of each sequence - the subsequent, independent riding will take place under the supervision of a trained and professional riding technique trainer.

Contents of the seminar are:

short repetition of basic position, activation adapted to the terrain and activated area
correct braking technique (drag and pressure point, target braking etc.)
Balance: balancing on the obstacle, free balancing
Turning technique: fifth contact point, tilting technique ('windshield wiper'), wide turn, slalom turn
Lifting front and rear wheel (bike bracing and 'manual impulse')
Prerequisite for participation in this MTB riding technique course:

Already participated in the MTB riding technique course "Trail & Ride 1 - Basic I " (or a comparable course from another provider) not more than 5 years ago.
Sufficient "riding experience" (please no "cold start" directly from the winter break).

The MTB riding technique course is right for you if you:

already have a good basic knowledge of MTB riding technique
want to refine and develop your riding technique.
have gained positive experience on your first easy trail tours and single trails.

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