Klassiker auf dem Vulkan: Gregor Meyle

Klassiker auf dem Vulkan: Gregor Meyle

Jun 28, 2024


In autumn 2023, however, he went on a sold-out unplugged tour and now, full of confidence and with his new album "Individuality", he will be performing many new songs from his new album, which will be released at the end of February 2024. There will be new songs on the best stages in Germany, but classics such as "Niemand" or "Keine ist wie du" will not be missing either. There will be great emotions and a crossover of numerous musical styles from someone who goes through the music world with his eyes wide open and is always inspired to create personal, new songs. Gregor Meyle and his band also create quiet, intimate moments, which are combined with a brilliant mix of the finest Gregor Meyle melodies and lyrics. Real music - handmade with a lot of passion and love, framed by numerous stories written by musicians, told in the best song poet style. Unique, authentic - simply genuine Gregor Meyle.

About Gregor Meyle Many people have only known the charming musician with his hat, beard and glasses since the first season of "Sing meinen Song - Das Tauschkonzert", but he has built up a loyal fan base through hundreds of live performances in clubs, town halls and on large open-air stages. He also made it to the final show as the dragon on "The Masked Singer". He received gold awards for his studio albums "New York-Stintino" and "Meile für Meyle" on his own label Meylemusic. With "Meylensteine", he was given his own successful TV programme on Vox and now has more than a quarter of a million enthusiastic concertgoers, an Echo and a German Television Award to his name.

Tickets are available in advance at FORUM DAUN, Tel. 06592 951311 or 951313 as well as at all Ticket Regional advance booking offices at a price of €45.00 (lawn) and €56.00 (numbered seats)!

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    At 20:30


54550 Daun-Gemünden


Forum Daun
Leopoldstraße 5
54550 Daun
Phone: (0049) 6592 951313
Fax: (0049) 6592 951320

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