Hautnah von der Ziege zum Käse

Hautnah von der Ziege zum Käse

Feb 26, 2022


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Living from and with nature - sustainable land use today. Soil forms the uppermost part of the earth's crust and is the transition zone between rocks and vegetation. This zone is only a few centimetres thick and is therefore in the background. However, this does not do justice to its importance, because it is in the soil that those processes take place that make it possible for plants to grow and food to be produced. We feed our goats the nutritious grasses and spicy herbs of the Eifel meadows around our farm. We will be happy to introduce you to them in person - their very special charm will immediately captivate you. From the stable to the milking parlour to the cheese dairy, we offer you an exclusive look behind the scenes of animal husbandry to cheese production. And that's not all. When tasting our specialities, you can taste why the trade magazine "der Feinschmecker" has also fallen in love with our products. Get to know Hertha, Martha and Hilde and the whole herd. And of course our unique cheese.

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  • Only at February 26, 2022
    At 11:00


Vulkanstr. 29
54558 Gillenfeld


Vulkanstr. 29
54558 Gillenfeld
Phone: (+49) 06573-9148

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