Faszination Maare: Die blauen Augen der Eifel
Jun 28, 2021


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Whether gently nestling in the valley or abruptly sloping down, they look at us, "the blue eyes" of the Eifel: the Gemündener Maar, the Schalkenmehrener Maar and the Weinfelder Maar - also called Totenmaar - idyllic, peaceful, mystical.... In the beginning, however, there was fire, or rather the battle of the elements. Fire and water met and violent explosions shook the land, rocks were shattered and the air trembled: the maars tell stories of natural, turbulent, long-gone times in the history of the earth. But they also tell the story of people who lived, loved, worked, painted and died here - buried in the chapel high above the maar. Look into the eyes of the Eifel - discover the mirror of the past and join us on our journey through time.

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  • Only at June 28, 2021
    At 10:00


Mainzer Straße 25
54550 Daun


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Mainzer Straße 25
54550 Daun
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