Drei Nüsse für Aschenbrödel

Drei Nüsse für Aschenbrödel

Dec 27, 2023


Since the death of her father, Cinderella has only been allowed to sweep the ovens under the strict hand of her malicious stepmother. And even next to her stepsister, Dorchen, she finds no real place in the supposed family. The day comes when the royal court invites the guests to a ball. The prince is finally to be married. Dorchen tries on dresses upon dresses for the occasion. But none of them really fits. Cinderella is left only with the dream of this special evening, because until the two ladies return home, she has to separate peas from lentils from a large trough. "The good ones into the potty, the bad ones into the jar."

Meanwhile, in the middle of the winter forest, the coachman finds three hazelnuts, which he brings to Cinderella as a little present - three very special fruits, as it turns out. For they have a magic in them: they turn into precious clothes. A hunter's garment helps Cinderella to meet the prince in the forest and to stand in his way as an exceptionally nimble marksman. The second nut transforms into a beautiful ball gown. Secretly, Cinderella, who is thus mistaken for a princess, attends the ball and dances with the prince. But before the prince has recognised her, the unknown beauty has disappeared again. All that remains is a dancing shoe, with which the prince sets off in search of the enchanting girl. Whoever fits the shoe will become his wife. And Cinderella still has one nut left ...

The German-Czech film version of Three Hazelnuts for Cinderella with the wonderful music by Karel Svoboda is one of the most successful fairy tale films of all time and turned the fairy tale into a timeless classic for the whole family. Of course with the famous music by Karel Svoboda.

Admission: 4.30 pm
Children under 4 years of age may sit on their parents' laps and do not need their own ticket. However, should the child wish to sit on a chair, they will need a ticket.

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