Burgfestspiele 2024 - Sonny Boys - öffentl. Generalprobe

Burgfestspiele 2024 - Sonny Boys - öffentl. Generalprobe

Jun 14, 2024


Willie Clark hasn't left his run-down hotel room for years. Over tea and tinned soup, he dreams of his past as a successful comedian. Together with his stage partner Al Lewis, Willie used to perform as the celebrated comedy duo "Sonny Boys" on stages and in television studios across America. But one day Al left his partner in an argument - and the two haven't spoken to each other since.

But then the opportunity for a reconciliation arises: Television is planning a big nostalgia show in which the former successful duo will once again perform their most successful sketch. Willie's niece and agent Claire desperately tries to persuade the two squabblers to bury the hatchet for this one day. Gritting their teeth, they agree to a joint rehearsal date. But the wounds run deep...

Neil Simon is one of America's most successful Broadway playwrights. His brilliant comedy "Sonny Boys", which has been filmed several times, is full of situation comedy and pointed dialog - spiced up with a pinch of melancholy.

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