Wintersport am Mäuseberg

Wintersport am Mäuseberg


The Daun Ski Club was founded in 1970. The construction work for the skiing facility started in the same year. It is located about two kilometres outside of Daun, in the middle of the Volcanic Eifel. The facility is surrounded by the 3 Daun Maars.

A T-bar lift with a capacity of 1000 persons per hour takes you up to the Mäuseberg. From there, the slope leads downhill for about 440 metres with a difference in altitude of 95 metres. Skis cannot be rented on site.

Floodlit skiing is possible.

Parking: Coming from Daun-Gemünden in the direction of Weinfelder Maar, there is a gravel parking lot above the youth hostel on the left-hand side with the sign "Mäuseberg". You can park your car here.

Tel: +49 (0)6592 7737

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Opening hours

For information on the current snow depth and lift operation, call + 49 65 92 - 77 37 or visit




Ski-Club Daun e.V.
Landesstraße L46
54550 Daun
Phone: (0049) 6592/7737

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