VORÜBERGEHEND GESCHLOSSEN: Natur- und Landschaftsmuseum

VORÜBERGEHEND GESCHLOSSEN: Natur- und Landschaftsmuseum

Bad Münstereifel

In the Werther Tor, the district association for nature and environmental protection e.V. Euskirchen, local working group Bad Münstereifel, with the help of the North Rhine-Westphalia Foundation and the Rhine. Museum Office created a walk-in diorama in which the nature around Bad Münstereifel is shown.

The nature and landscape museum is located in one of the four historic city gates of the medieval city walls of Bad Münstereifel. After 1876, the Werther Tor, which was rebuilt in 1416, housed the city's prison for a short time. The building has been used as an information center since 1982. In 1998, a walk-in diorama was set up on the first floor, presenting the three most important forms of landscape around Bad Münstereifel with their characteristic plants and animals: beech forest, damp forest meadow and lime grassland. In addition, the visitor can call up the song of the bird species native to the respective biotopes through a control panel. In front of the Werther Tor there is a herb garden, which is planted based on the "Capitulare de villis" of Charlemagne. The adjacent arches of the city wall are also to be planted with the flora that is typical for them.

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  • Vom May 1st bis September 30th


Bad Münstereifel


Natur- und Landschaftsmuseum
Marquardstr. 4
53902 Bad Münstereifel
Phone: (0049) 2253 7677

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