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The VitalParcours Stolberg is located in the scenic Münsterwald forest between Breinigerberg and Venwegen. The starting and finishing point of the 5 main routes is the Waldschänke hikers' car park at the nationally important Schlangenberg nature reserve. A portal board informs visitors in detail about the course and level of difficulty of the individual routes. Another entry point to the Vital-Parcours is the Venwegen hikers' car park opposite the Birkenhof restaurant. Over a total length of almost 42 kilometres, 6 differently challenging routes have been designated, which appeal to both beginners and very experienced athletes. The routes build on each other. Directional signs with information on the remaining distance to the finishing point always point visitors in the right direction and also provide useful information for joggers and hikers. The shortest route 1 with a length of 2.2 km is designed as a so-called technical route for beginners. Here, 7 information boards systematically teach the technique and methodology of Nordic walking. Advanced walkers can check and refresh their knowledge, as all main routes also follow the signposted part of the technical route. Route 2 is about 5.2 km long and, like Route 3 with a length of 7 km, includes an uphill section on the Vichter Berg, which must be completed both downhill and uphill. Route 4 is suitable for trained advanced cyclists, with a length of 9.2 km and several uphill sections that require practice and stamina. Route 5 is intended for ambitious and experienced Nordic walkers. Over a length of 18 km, there are various incline sections and difficult path conditions in places to be mastered. The south-western section between Birkenhof, Mückenloch and Andreashütte has a cross-country character. To compensate for this, after about half the route length, there is an opportunity to stop at the Birkenhof south of Venwegen. Route 6, 6.7 km long, starts at the Venwegen / Birkenhof entry point. On a section of the demanding long route, a shorter alternative has been chosen with directional signs, which also includes the difficult path passages.

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