Stadt Gerolstein

Stadt Gerolstein


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Gerolstein is a small town in the heart of the Eifel!

Highlights are above all the Gerolsteiner Dolomites, the Buchenlochhöhle, the Erlöserkirche with the Roman Germanic museum "Villa Sarabodis".

Gerolstein offers a large number of gastronomic offers. From German cuisine to Italian, Greek to Chinese cuisine you will find everything here.

Gerolstein is not just easy to reach by car. Gerolstein has a train station and is quite centrally located you can reach us from Cologne and Trier within 1.5 hours.

Visit us - we look forward to seeing you!


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Stadt Gerolstein
Kyllweg 1
54568 Gerolstein
Phone: (0049) 6591 13107

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