Schutzbunker im Lahar


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The bunker had space for 300 to 400 people.

Each family or group had its own niche.

For example, the nuns of the Franciscan monastery (eponymous for Klosterstrasse), but they only stayed until the second tunnel was constructed and then moved to another bunker.
The sparse furnishings had to be built in the bunker itself, as the tunnels were too narrow to transport larger objects into.

At best, it consisted of a bench that was first hewn out of the rock and then covered with a board, and a rough table.
There were no beds due to lack of space, blankets and coats were used to protect against the cold.

However, due to the large number of people, it got warm in the bunker anyway, so that apart from the light sources that also provided heat, no heating was necessary.

For safety reasons, tools were left in the bunker if they were spilled.

At the beginning, the bunker was only visited in the event of an air raid alarm, and long stays were only made towards the end of the war.

You went home to eat, but drinks such as tea or malt coffee were brought in jugs. Anyone who had to do their "business" went to the outhouses on neighboring properties or simply nearby bushes.

One of the "foremen" worked two wayside shrines into the tunnel walls. A mass was also held in the bunker.




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