Schloss Dreis

Schloss Dreis


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The former summer residence of the abbots of Echternach is supposed to be the third palace building on this site, but remains of an older building are not available. The property had been scattered since the French Revolution until the Grand Ducal Hessian Privy Councillor and Chancellor of the University of Giessen, Dr. Timotheus Balthasar Freiherr von Linde, reunited it in 1840. The palace complex, which was repaired around 1840, was one of the smaller, altogether quite similar palace buildings, as was Niederweis Palace (1751), which was preceded by the abbey building of Echternach with the construction phases of 1732 and 1753. In Dreis the complex is square, the south-facing castle itself is symmetrical and a plastered quarry stone building with an effective red sandstone entrance. The wings projecting backwards are continued by the farm buildings and together enclose a rectangular courtyard. Today the castle is owned by the family Georg Graf von Walderdorff and is the ancestral seat of the Georg Graf von Walderdorff winery. Visits to the castle are not possible from the back of the family who live in the castle.

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  • From January 1st to December 31st

    Castle tours are not possible.




Weingut Georg Graf von Walderdorff
Schloss Dreis
54518 Dreis

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